Is cum eating good or bad for girls ladies

I am a 27 year old lady, I want to know about cum eating. I heard it has lots of protiens.
If I taste my boyfriend cum, I meant if any pregnancy issuees...
I like cum taste iwant to taste that , becoz I want know it clearly .. Please give me any advices..

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I am a med student at UCSD and I specialize in nutrition and diet. As a scholar, I've taken upon myself to research this exact question for the last six months, and what I've discovered through experiments is shocking. Cum has a special quality that depletes your vitamins, so if you are going to digest semen then it's best to mix it in with citrus (I.e. fruit/cum smoothies). It also is good for your epidermis (skin), and has the ability to cleans your colon of toxins.

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Swallowing semen will not get you pregnant. It contains only about 5-7 calories, depending on the amount. Other ingredients include fructose sugar, vitamin C, protein and Zinc.

Is cum eating good or bad for girls/ladies?
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Swallowing a mans semen is not at all dangerous unless he has an STD. And yes it is chalked full of healthy proteins, fructose, and minerals. Just know your partners STD status and if he's safe...bon appetit.

Does cum taste gross?
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Why does my boyfriends cum taste werid?
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it tastes like poop

cum eating is good or bad ?
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It has no side effect eating cum...It has no protien or vitamins so if you wanna taste it you can...Just go and drink it from glass only...

cccan you get aids from swallowing cum

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