Is Cervical Cancer Curable?

ANI has reported that Big Brother star Jade Goody is suffering from cervical cancer. The news was broken to the 27-year-old mother of two while she was appearing in the Indian version of Big Brother. After the devastating news was broken to her in the diary room of the show, Goody was in hysterics as she told housemates “I have cancer”. “She was called into the Diary Room and spoke to her agent and then her consultant in the UK,” the Sun quoted a close friend, as saying. “She just burst into tears, ran out and said to housemates ‘I have cancer’,” the friend added. She was immediately withdrawn from the programme and is flying back home for treatment. “Jade was then led out of the house and she is coming back to London to see another consultant. She is completely devastated,” the friend said. Goody had undergone hospital tests earlier this month after her third cancer scare. It followed four mystery collapses. Her spokesman said: “She went for tests and results have come back and she has cancer of the womb. “She was phoned up and informed. This is a massive blow for her,” he added. Goody decided to go into the Indian show, called Bigg Boss, in a bid to clear her name after being accused of racism on last year’s Celebrity Big Brother. Is the cervical cancer curable how much time will it take to get Goody completely get cured? Will she ever be able to do her rest of the work pending?

Answer #1

It is curable. The recovery time depends on the person and the treatment the doctors use.

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