Is cat leukemia contagious?

Is leukemia contagious? My cats I think has it not sure yet though. If she does have it can humans get it from cats or cats get it from her? We do have another cat that is very healthy ats well very active, but the other cat is who im worried about?

Answer #1

It is, however, contagious to OTHER cats…

A Contagious Virus Feline leukemia is contagious. It is present in the saliva, urine, and feces of infected cats, and it is passed to healthy cats by licking, sneezing, and sharing contaminated food bowls and litter pans. Kittens can even pick up the virus by nursing an infected mother. Cats at highest risk to exposure of FeLV live in multiple cat households where one or more cats is infected. Incidence of persistent FeLV infection in cats in this environment is as high as 30 percent. Cats in single cat households also may be exposed if they ever encounter other infected cats; therefore it is important to know the FeLV health status of a new cat before introducing it into an existing cat househhold.

Answer #2

Yes it is, to other cats. It’s very contagious because FeLV is a virus before full-blown leukemia. My vet said drinking water and scratches can pass feline leukemia. I rescued a stray who tested positive and she had to be put to sleep, just to protect the other stray cats in the neighborhood.

Answer #3

Maybe she doesn’t have Leukemia…her kidneys may be failing…the “weak” spot in a dog is their liver…the “weak” spot in a cat is kidneys…You got to call around to vets and see if you can get her in somewhere, that’ll take payments…


Answer #4

nooo I had a dog that died from that and its not contagious at all. sorry bout the cat tho…

Answer #5

No. Its not contagious from a human,either.

Answer #6

Cats infected with FeLV can serve as sources of infection. Cats pass the virus between themselves through saliva and close contact, by biting another cat, through a litter box or food dish used by an infected cat, and from milk during nursing. Transmission can also take place from an infected mother cat to her kittens, either before they are born or while they are nursing.

Answer #7

I never let my cats go outside.

Answer #8

Yes to all that phrannie has said. That is another reason I do not let my cats outside.

Answer #9

ya I thought it could be something to do with her kidneys also. thanks guys!!

Answer #10

I didnt think so. thank you!

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