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Is Bondage/ S&m Dangerous?.

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I Went On A Date With A Man And Afterwards We Went To His House And Chatted Some, There He Told Me He Was In To Bondage/s&m. He Mentioned He Gave A Girl Lacerations On Her Body, @that He Has Whips And Cuffs And All These
Things, ropes etr.. I am inclined to explore s& m further but He kind of scared me.He seemingly has a lot of money and sometimes his family stays at this particular home he has. He mentioned his sister has a dog that is why he has a dog cage but then later on mentioned he had a girlfriend who liked to be put into dog cages. He does not have a dog. I am a 4' 9 girl and hes mentioned he loves small women I hope not for the reason to put them in there. I bit a bit freaked out he might force me to do something I dont want to or even harm me. I dont know if he mentioned all these things because those are his intentions with me. Im not sure if I should continue or I am just scared that this fetish is new and strange to me and thats why im so freaked out or does anyone think I have reason to be worried?