Is bolemia really so bad?

I am nineteen and I have been on again off again with bolemia for years now. It is just sort of a crash diet for me. Is it really so bad to puke? Can it really hurt me?

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I don't know, I just found out I have it, but I don't mean to puke or make myself puke, I just get disgusted by food even if I'm starving

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um like brighteyes jus said yes it is bad ....ur putting ur self in danger ...ur making ur body weeker tat way to anything ....u can detroy ur body tat way to ...i suggest u seek help like ur docter or sumthing

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Off and on dieting increases your risk of heart disease by FIVE TIMES!And yes,it really is that bad. You'll retain water and look puffy, it'll destroy the enamel off your teeth and make them absolutely hideous, you'll be weak, mal-nourished and more prone to disease. Even worse, it could lead to death of you don't get help now!

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It's EXTREMELY dangerous. See a doctor.

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