Is anyone here a theist?

is anyone here theist?

Answer #1

It is off subject but has to do with the atheist theory,but true definition probibly not a theory but anyways. The goverment was biult off religon and they dis miss it because people have a problem with religions of any kind and the goverment stands as an athiest nation while most of its citezins in fact are christan, muslim, ect… but people dont pay attention to that fact because we are to blined but other things.

Answer #2

*atheist is one word

True Atheist is one word but she isn’t asking about an Atheist. . .The question is asking about a Theist. . . they are 2 differant things.

Answer #3

“”The patriot act says that any crime can be considered a terrorist action.””

…if it’s a “”crime”” it’d be against the law anyway… so how is that taking away rights?

I wouldn’t say our nation is an “”Atheist”” nation just like I wouldn’t say it’s a “”Christian”” nation or “”Buddhist”” nation. Many of our citizens believe in many different things, so to categorize our country in any one religion or belief is wrong as it’s a misrepresentation of the people of the United States.

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Me agian, and yes I did mean the US government because slowly but surly we are repeating history. The patriot act says that any crime can be considered a terrorist action. You may ask ‘what does that have to do with it?’ but its simple. The government is slowly but surly taking away our rights as citezins.

Answer #5

Theism - the belief in the existence of one or more divinities or deities.

There is also a narrower sense in which theism refers to the belief that one or more divinities are immanent in the world, yet transcend it, along with the idea that divinity(s) is/are omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.[1]

The term is attested in English from 1678, and was probably coined to contrast with atheism, a term that is attested from ca. 1587 I guess that makes me a theist.

Answer #6

a theist is anyone who ISN’T atheist.

as in they have a theory or belief.

Atheist is the absence of a theory or belief. I like the term “”freethinker”” better

Answer #7

Are you asking about a theist- someone who is religious or an atheist- someone who isn’t I personally consider myself an atheist, why what are you, and why are you askig are you disbelieving as they say? maybe you’re missing spiritual guidence?

Answer #8

steph: I presume you’re talking about the US government. Did you miss the first amendment? Or the other references your founding fathers made to freedom of (or from) religion? Or, for that matter, the fact that the original colonists of the US were often seeking to escape the strict religious monarchy that was England at the time?

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I am

Answer #10

atheist is one word

Answer #11

of course :)

Answer #12

We got one somewhere around here. . . .

Answer #13

Are we getting of subject here?

Answer #14

ahhh athiest what a subject

Answer #15

atheist you mean right because thats what I am not an a theist

Answer #16

I agree with tina lol

Answer #17

what is that ?

Answer #18

Please. . . Not Atheism. . . Now back on Subject. I think Xiigzag is. . . a Theist that is.

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