Is anyone here a skater?

is anyone here a skater?

Answer #1

hell yeah! its pretty much all I ever do and think about!

Answer #2

acutally my friends dad is a pro skateboard and has a half pipe in his backyard it is about 17 feet tall and yes I can skate that and other things am I the only girl here who can skate??

Answer #3

yeh yo

Answer #4

well acutaaly there are girl skateboarders here and I say go girls

Answer #5

xbeth ya boster>>>I am better than him lol :):):):):)

na I can only do the basics like kickflip and nose manel and sh1t like that

Answer #6

yeah I skate a bit…

Answer #7

Assuming you mean skateboarding like. I du, an I must say, im rather gud at it :)

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