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Is anyone else using ruby on rails to build a large scale site?

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FunAdvice is developed entirely in Ruby on Rails. This month, we're on track to generate north of 600,000 unique visitors, and more than 1.5 million pageviews. So we must be doing something right :)

However, I'd like to know if anybody that hangs out here has built, worked on, or heard of other large scale sites that are powered by ruby on rails. Are there any? (links welcome, in this case).

43things (3.7 million uniques / month)
odeo (1 million uniques / month)
twitter (? uniques / month)
revolutionhealth (500K uniques / month)

I'm sure there are others..what I'm referring to are consumer (not business) facing sites. So, the 37signals guys, while they have massive traffic, wouldn't really fit in this list. Can you help me fill in what are the largest sites running ruby on rails? Thanks!