Is a bikini or a tankini more sexy?

Which is more sexy? A bikini or a tankini? Help!!!

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Bikini all the way. And metalheaddude, hang in there, you can get a chick that isn't preppy and still is hot, I did!

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I agree whatever looks better on your body, it really doesnt make a big difference though, like if you and an identical twin went to the beach, and one of yall wore a tankin, and one a bikini, I seriously doubt a guy would pick, one of yall over the other just because what kind of swim suit she is wearing, you know what I mean,,, it REALLY doesnt matter...

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umm which one is sexier 2 guys?

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I think a bikini is way sexy big time turn on for a young guy like me at the age of 20.

because its 2 pieces a top and a bottom thats all it is.

And when you see a gorgeous 18 year old walkin about 5.6 with tan skin perfect athletic-toned body with those blue eyes and bleach blonde hair looking like one of those play boy bunnies. THATS HOT! too bad I can't get that though because im a metal head and preppy chicks think I'm satanic or something but I love GOD!

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dude, what's the difference between the two?
I'm being serious too
any help?

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whatever suits you, but I prefer bikinis really,

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I think bikinis are way sexier!!! lol

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I agree with erin182, it's what suits your body best!

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