Is a 34a cup too small for guys?

I just want to know how many guy's like girl's with big breste or small one's is 34a too small?(not that I care cus of guy's)I need a vote, how many guy's say small and how many say big?

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These people are being too nice or have a small breast fetish. Anything below a B cup is small.

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People here are being too nice, anything below B is small.

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Their actually called B-R-E-A-S-T-S ...not brestes or boobs or titts or anything!!!
God I hate it when people call them that...

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Like bphil said, it does not matter. Why would it? Who would want to date a guy who cared that much about breast size anyway? Many women are a 34a.

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WOW i gotta start meeting guy's like you all, thank's every body!

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thats perfect size

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I hate when women say "small" Start learning to say "I have PERFECT A+ CUPCAKES... I ONLY DATE A & AA'S GOD bless those perfect breasts.
If you went to a doctor or lawyer, would you want him or her to say in school they had all C's,D's & F's

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many women arent a 34 a and dont worry about it at all

all the guys i have dated really dont care about what size your boobs are

i went though the same exact problem

mine where an a and guys thought they were so small cause all the girls had boobs and i didnt then they were got bigger and were a 34 b and guys said they were perfect and now im a 34 c and guys look at me alot because they are bigger than alot of girls they look really small and i tell guys they are too small and they are like nope kinda big actually

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not at all. personality is way more important. I'm currently involved with a girl who is a 34a and believe me, I wouldn't change a thing about her for one bit. like trumpjr242 said, it only matters when you try to fit into certain clothes. so don't worry about it.

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Realy, brest size dose nothin for more into her personality..thats wat alot of guy are after in girls not how big there chest is..well..atlest most of my friends.

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I am agreeing with the first guy, I dont really pay attention to breast size, its more what kind of person the girl is, body is second for me

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Boob size is completely unimportant. Only helps to have boobs to fit into clothes right.

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to be honest breast size to me doesnt matter one bit

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To be honest the natural way of breast is to nourish the baby not for a attractive object as the world look to it , second is find a guy who loves your heart not your breast or body . I would like to advise you with a special link to give more info about breast but i cant post this here .

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