Why is my iPod wifi so slow?

I upgraded my iPod to ios 5.0 and now YouTube runs really slowly and it doesn’t stream! Why is that and how can I fix it

Answer #1

Is the wifi slow on other wireless devices too? laptop ipad phone etc

Check your internet speed. Your internet may be too slow. at http://funadvice.com/r/bfoanmputfj

Reboot your ipod? Reboot router? Are loads of other devices connected?

try all of those. If NONE of them worked like they didnt for me, restore you ipod from itunes and try again. My ipod used to generally lag on the springboard etc. The internet was fine but then that started lagging too. So I restored it and everything was fine.

Answer #2

its the wifi for it

Answer #3

Well this is ironic….I get a newsletter emailed to me by Kim Komando on all things digital and the other day it addressed how to boost your wifi. Here’s the link


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