How do you make a 'how to' on an ipod touch?

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it wont evean let me log in on my ipod

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Some features don't work unless you are on a computer, sorry, more mobile compatibility is on the to do list.

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Go to all the how to's and if it doesn't have an option that says "create how to" then it must not be compatible with an ipod touch.

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iv'e never tried doing it on an ipod, but i can login with my ipod touch still

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i can log in and stuff and it lets me do everything up to adding a step! and i dont know why!

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I've never tried writing one directly from here. What I do is write it on Notes, send it to my email and then sumbit it when I have access through a computer.

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I've only made one how to before and that's how I did it, on my iPod Touch ... Maybe there's something weird with your iPod ...

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That's odd, I login on my iPhone all the time...I'd try again, as you definitely can login on an iPod touch.

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