iPod Touch Trouble!!!

My 8Gb iPod Touch 2nd Gen works great, but the only problem is I’m just casually scrolling through the things I have for about ten minutes, put some music on shuffle, put it on sleep to listen to da music and the battery keeps running out within an hour or so!!! Why isn’t it lasting the 36 hours it’s supposed to??? Help!!!

Answer #1

cheers. the advertised charge time is 4 hours right? =]

Answer #2

theres an app on my ipod that says waiting and it wont let me play any of my games when I click on any games it just kicks me right off of it? can you help me please!

Answer #3

My. iPod did that too but I brought it into apple store. you can call them too. The manager told me that you should wait until it runs out of battery before you charge it or else it won’t hold. a charge as long as advertised

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