Why is my iPod Touch not downloading apps?

I have never had a problem before, but there are about 6 apps that all say waiting. I just updated a few apps one day, and they never loaded, and i can’t download any new apps. Does anyone know the problem?

Answer #1

Update your software on your iPod touch. Make sure your connected on the Internet. If you have iTunes store just download it for either free or pay. It will automatically be on your iPod once it is done downloading. Hope that helps a bit.

Answer #2

my software is updated, connected to the internet, and it still wont download. :/

Answer #3

am i allowed to give external links to replies? i can direct u to the link you can try that. i think you still need to update the firmware for the iPod.

Answer #4

some apps can only be used on iphones

Answer #5

You probably need to update your firmware. Choose the iPod version you are using and simply download and save it here is the link : [link removed]

This may solve your problem.

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