Can you recieve pics on a iphone

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At&t just launched MMS (multi media messenging service) about ~20 ish days ago in the US...if it's not working, OR you need help with it, contact At&t, I'm sure they can assist.

If you send a pic in an email, it should work fine, even without mms...or if you share it online, etc (like on FunAdvice), you can share here, and restrict to friends only, then set your profile to get approval for new friends, which then you can share more if you like, etc.

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I assume they have different carriers? One thing about the iphone is it doesn't really like anything other than itself, I had one for about a month and sold it back to the retailer for an enV2, nothing personal, I just didn't see the hype everyone else does.

Sending pictures with iphone?

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But my friends had sent me a few pics but I never receved them

Who has an iPhone or Blackberry
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Really all that was needed. :p

Tried to put a pic on and don't know if it did or not

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