Iphone problem

The sim card you inserted in this iphone does not appear to be supported...
Please insert the card that came with the iphone ... Note: I took my aunt's iphone since she doesn't want it, and she didn't tell me about this card, she lives in another place, and she's too busy these days...
What's the difference?
I mean... Aren't all sim cards the same?? and what do they mean by "not supported"
What should I do now?
Do I just take my card out or what???

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If you do the iPhone unlock mod it may work.

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the iphone has it's own simcard that can work with any AT&T phone. however, any other sim card won't work with the iphone. it has to be activated to the iphone itself.

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"Not supported" message indicates it may be a SIM lock . If it is SIM lock means, you need to unlock it to use with other countries. Use Remote unlocking method to unlock your iPhone to work with other sim cards.You can unlock it from your service provider/from any of the online service providers like Theunlockarena.com . After unlocking it, you can use your iPhone with other GSM networks.

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