I want to get an iphone but is it really worth it?

I want to get an iphone but is it really worth it??? oh and for the people that have one.. Can you tell me how much your bill is every month ??

Answer #1

It is worth it and I dont know how much a month it costs tho…

Answer #2

I heard that there were still a few kinks that they had to work out. For a $500, all the kinks better be worked out.

Answer #3

You’re the only one who can decide if it’s worth it or not. They’re pretty cool, but having one won’t really add to your long term happiness. If you’re deciding between an iphone or a trip to the Bahamas, choose the trip.

Answer #4

To me, the iphone was totally worth it…however, if the rumor of the 3G one next month being cheaper than the one they sold last year, then what’s not to love?

I use it for business though, so it’s a pre tax expense…if it was for “fun” I probably wouldn’t have bought it & instead, taken a vacation or at least, had a really fun weekend. :)

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