Who here likes iphones?

Who here likes iphones? Whats your input on them?

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I already have one

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I have one. Theyre okay, to be completely honest with you. Mine freezes a ok though and I think its because I over use it. Like I'll be listening to music, texting, and on the Internet a the same time, and it just kinda freezes and goes back to the home screen. But watever. Anyway, I think you should wait because my friend heard they were coming out with a new one in the summer.

P.S. I'm typing this from my phone... Haha

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I really like them...even though I don't have one. I have the crappy old Motorola! But if I can pick what phone I wanted, I'd pick IPhone!

Hope this helped!

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I have a iPhone I love it sooo much!

which one do you like better? why?

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