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Is being involved negatively affecting my life?

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I have always been really busy. I constantly run around to do the various things I am involved in, such as tennis, school, choir, band, and volunteering. Of course, I also have to spend time with my family, which cuts out even more of my time. With all these things I am involved in, it often becomes hard to have a social life in and genuinely close friends. I rarely spend time with the friends I have, and I feel like we drift apart often. This is simply because our schedules simply don't match up. I try to spend time with them as much as I can, but occasions like that are often cut short by our individual time constraints. Most of the time, when I do spend time with people, it is my boyfriend who kind of just does whatever I have to with me. No one else really makes an effort. Do you think my full plate is affecting my life negatively, despite all the positives these things bring? I value all things I participate in equally, and have no idea what to do to fix this!!