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Introduce your home country/state!

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Alright here's a little game I love to play when Im bored

Introduce to us in a few lines the defining characteristics of the country you live in, or if you live in the States, the state you live in

I will start. Im from Singapore. You will have a hard time finding it on an atlas - we are often called "the little red dot." The remarkable thing about us - we've made the jump from the third world to the first in 30 years since our independence in 1965. Culturally, we are actually more or less Malaysian, since both Malaysians and S'poreans generally speak similar colloquial languages made up of English, Chinese dialects and Malay words. We are highly urbanized (read: city-state), and most of us live in small apartments. Generally, if you own a car and live in a normal, "landed" house, you are considered rich. We have a HUGE foreign population, made up of white expats, workers from China and the Indian subcontinent, and MAIDS from the surrounding region (this isnt something I like). Politically, we are a democracy, but it is dominated by the ruling party. In fact, the ruling party controls all but 3 seats in the local parliament