what are some intresting things that i should google?

Answer #1

What are your interest? Current events? The BP oil spill, for one. Shopping? Check out popular shopping sites. Go on eBay. Google random questions. This is so broad I don’t even know how to answer it.

Answer #2

sometimes im so bloody bored that ill just type in random wierdness and see what i get: for instance i just typed in ‘whats a happy dappy licky sticky?’ and low and behold i got results

Answer #3

Rhodiola rosea - ProActive BioProducts - Bought the two products that go together yesterday. Check with your doctor.

Prevention’s http://funadvice.com/r/3k3flj5ck3 Coupon code 010036 before someone else on here snatches it. 25% off from me. Defective by Design - Computer Safety The Kindle Swindle - Computer Safety Moziilla.org Wrongdiagnosis.com or Wrong Diagnosis in search bar Rezed.org - Kids and Adult Computer skills Coalition of Esential Schools - Websites for kids and best practices for teaching Cybersafety.org Amazon.com for used books, new books, movies, beauty products, jewelry, anything. Ebay of course. Look into Paypal. I trust it. Have used it for years. FireMountainGems.com - Make and sell your own jewelry. I love it. Don’t get carried away. I’m still paying off a credit card.

ABCDistributing.com - They used to ask for a company name. I just put my last name. They know I am just a consumer. Their products are wonderful and cheap. I’ll add more later - Nancy

Answer #4

Try stumbleupon.com, it will google stuff for you based on your interests.

Answer #5

in which u have interest you find….in Google u can search everything….. for any knowledge u go to the the Google..

Answer #6

Im not sure what you like but Origami is lots of fun and easy once you get the basics down. Its quite relaxing too

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