What internet or phone company do you have?

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I have the comcast deal that has internet phone and the tv

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Airtale, and your??

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I have speedy by TELKOMSEL

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Cox ... Internet only. No cable or phone...

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everything as in, landline, telly, broadband and mobile are with virgin

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NorTel - there's no other option here.

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I use 2wire, from At&t. It gives me Wi-Fi for a whole block. It is also installed with the U-verse 300, which lets me see over 500 channels and even some HD channels. We have no landline, we have no use for it since our whole family, 5, has cell phones, also from at&t.

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At&t both(:

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i have t- mobile phone and virgin broad band.........and sky t.v

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When I was living in NY I had the triple play from Time Warner
Paid 160 bucks a month for unlimited phone to either cell or landlines in the US, Canada & Puerto Rico + HD cable + high speed internet all in one.

Was more comfee to be able to send out one check on one bill rather then 3 separate checks & pay 3 times for sur charges!

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I have AT&T FIOS. Cable, internet, and phone. My wife gets a big discount for AT&T cell phone service through her work so we have them for cell phone service as well.

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I have comcast too

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I am using Xfinity which I bought from local cable deals. It is one of the best internet.

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