What interest does the current generation have?

Answer #1

Social networking, iPads, Instagram, reality TV shows, and unfortunately…texting people that are sitting right next to you instead of actually talking to them! :/

Answer #2

Newest technology, cell phones, music players, social networking websites, reality tv shows, movies, partying, casual sex.

Answer #3

Bombarded with messages like ‘you can’t make it on your own’…..unlike our parents/grandparents

Answer #4

Fashion,can do anythng as long as it’s in the name of fashion.

Answer #5

Latest technology like computers gagted games, music players, Social sites, TV shows, latest movies, flirt with others…

Answer #6

Sex. Partying. Drinking. Dr(_)gs. Texting. Music. Piercings. Technology.

Answer #7

Sagging of the pants..its the pits…really what’s the point?? Fuken stupid

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