How do you insert a tiny disk into computer?

I have a newer but used computer and where you would insert a disk…It’s hard to explain but like you can’t put the disk “face up” instead of the disk laying flat, it’s standing up and everytime i tried to insert the disk, it would fall out before it went inside- how is this possible???

Answer #1

Help me out here, the model of the computer would be helpful, is there any words on the front of the computer?

Answer #2

what do mean by disk cd or floppy disk ?

Answer #3

It says OPTIPLEX 210L

Answer #4

I guess like a cd, sorry- i’m easily confused. It’s for an mp4 thing…

Answer #5

Okay, so now i got it to go in- but after a second or two, it decided it wanted to reject it…

Answer #6

lie it down and try again….

is this it:


Answer #7

Yes, that’s exactly it. I’ll try that, thanks.

Answer #8

if its a small disk then u can try placing it in the inner circle …. normally horizontal or vertical the disk will not fall … the only reason is ur cpu would have been slightly tilted to on side ….. if its not possible … position the cpu in such a way that u can incert the disk with face down …. as all the parts r intack in it . there will not be a problem in placing it in horizontal position .

Answer #9

most of the time the part that holds the disk will has a smaller spot in it for smaller disk

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