How do we insert an equation for a straight line graph in excel 08 mac osx?

I know how to do it on windows but i can't figure it out on my mac. and I'm under a time any useful help would be highly appreciated!

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Sadly I don't have a Mac, so I can't help you personally. However, here is a link [link removed] which hopefully can help you.

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Sorry, link was removed. Here is what someone said on the forum it might help.

As a possible work around, use another column next to the dates and use that as the x-axis.

If the dates are starting in B2, then in A2, put this formula for month/year:


or put this formula for month/day:


or put this formula for month/day/year:


and copy down.

I found this handy even when Excel (2000/2002/2003 on Windows and 2004 on Mac) solves many other issues of formatting, etc.

Then, to make it look better, change the alignment (it is automatically set to 0) by setting it to 1, then back to 0 (to eliminate the auto format angle). Now the x-axis will always be horizontal. To help even more select the graph, and choose Format Object, and on the Fonts tab, uncheck the Autoscale for fonts, and set font to size 8. That way no matter how much you resize the chart, the fonts will always be consistent and the x-axis will always be horizontal.

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Google it and learn how

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Google it and learn how

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type an equal sign ( = ), and type in what your equation would be.

For example: =3+2

Or you can add the quantities of cells. For Example: =a3+a8

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That should work, but I've recently upgraded my version, so yours might work differently.

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If I had found it on google, I wouldn't have bothered posting my question here.

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I'm not sure that works with what I need. See what i have is a position versus time graph. And I need to find the equation of the graph and the velocity (slope of graph). The teacher taught us how to do it on windows (all you had to do was check a box that said show equation in the format window that came with the chart) but on macs i can't even find that option. I hope you understood what I meant. But thanks for the help.

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