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Inner thigh odor and anus odor

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Hello everyone first off I want to say that it has taken me a very long time to finally ask for help with my emabarresing situation.

I am a 22 year old male and I have a serious problem with sweating coming from my groin area and my anus the sweat does not bother me but the odor that comes from the sweat does,I have no idea how I prevent the bad odor.

To make you guys understand a bit more, I do not have any rash down there at all, I also do not get any itches or soreness down there, I looked up everything about this issue and can not get any help online, everyone either has inverse or genital poriasis and when I look up those names and see the images it is way off from what I have.

I take a bath all of the time and after a good shower lets say 2 or less hours later the smell is still is so fustrating because I know other people can smell it as well, for example if I were boxers around the house and after I sit for a long time and stand up there is a terrible odor left behind.

I can really use some help with this problem just so you know I am not over weight at all I am 6 feet three inches I weigh 228 pounds I am actually in good shape and I do not mean to be consited lol.

I do use after shower which works only if I put it on like 4 times a day, talk about fustrating I do not mind putting on the after shower but I would like to use something else as well to help fight this problem.also the sweat from my inner thigh folds are very creamy and thick its been like that for over 8 years, I know its not anything terribly bad, I do not have an infection either and its not contagious because my wife and I just had a baby and everything went smooth so I doubt its an infection that I have.

Any tips, products will be greatly appreciated, I really need your help people so if you have this problem in anyway please share what you do, or if your are a doctor who is familiar with htis problem then please share your advice.

I am wondering if I can buy some type of cream or ointment that can help me with this problem, oh and just so you know its not my penis that smells at all its just the inner thigh between my legs and my inner fold and my anus it can also be a mild fungus but I am not sure, remember I have no itching I am not sore and it does not hurt down there at all,I also have not bu,ps or spots I feel extreamly normal just always moist. Thanks in advance