In the morning

Why do you have to pee in the morning :)

Answer #1

what do you mean?

Answer #2

Urine accumulates in your bladder from your kidneys overnight. You may be sleeping, but your body is still working, so you still have the same toxins and excess water that need to be removed from your system. It’s not that sleeping makes you pee, it’s that waiting appx. 8 hours is sure to fill up almost anyone’s bladder. You do pee more during the day because you are active and taking in more fluids and creating more waste products from being physically active. ^^

Answer #3

Don’t Know But Least I’m Not The Only One :)

Answer #4

cause you hold piss in for like 8+ hours

Answer #5

LOL!!! maybe you got dreams that scares you away…:P

Answer #6

lol you should have to pee in the mornin. You’re holdin it in for like 8 hours.

Answer #7

Why do you care?

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