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in my science class...

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Pop some popcorn, this is gonna be long. Ok, I'm now in a science class where there are only 8 people, and the teacher isn't a rule enforcer. 4 of the guys that I'm in there with just keep picking on a girl who is new and is in the grade below us; I'm the only one that doesn't. The other two girls pretty much mind their own business, as do I, but I don't talk to them either because they're all busy with the guys that are acting like jerks. So, me and this new girl seem to be the only ones focused on our work. I don't see why these people would want to tease her, and I refuse to join in the circus. Remember, I've said that the teacher isn't very good w/ disipline, and all he really says at the beginning of class when the show starts is "let's not have an open season on (her name)". No detention slips. I'm not a highly respected individual, so people won't really take me seriously if I try to do some sort of sticking up for her. ( I want to) These people are the kind of people who'll JUST NOT STOP, make sound effects, (of snowmobile motors? or maybe they're mating calls?) These are the kind of people that can come up with a very cutting remark as fast as lightning. I want to help this girl please help!