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Should I have the implant out?

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I'm turning 18 in a few days, And I got the implant in July this year cause of bad side effects to the Pill. I've been having a bad back pains for the past few months. The Doctors don't know why I have them. Everything they give me, helps to start off then it comes back. I found out the other day that it is possible it's a side effect of the Implant. I've also been quite depressed lately, which again is another side effect. Should I have the implant out, cause It's making me feel really bad :/
I'd like to add that the place that I got in put in (a sexual health walk in clinic) don't like to take the implant out before the 3 years is up even if you're have REALLY bad problems (The last few month it really did some damage to my mum last year, and they didn't want to take it out early) So I don't know how I should go about having it taken out either.