Imperialism or Industrial revolution?

Im supposed to write a in class essay but I can’t decide which I should write on either Imperialism or the industrial revolution my essay questions are

Was the long term impact that the industrial revolution had on the world positive or negative?

Was the long term impact that Imperialism had on the world positive or negative?

I don’t know which to choose because both relatively similar and I have no idea what my 3 body paragraphs should be any advice on which to pick would be great

Answer #1

Oooh, both such great topics - on the one hand, the machine age and its effects, on the other hand political conquest and its effects on nations, and the subsequent shaping of the geoploitical world…

Me, I’d lean towards the Industrial Revolution - I think there is more material to work with there, whether you take a negative or positive stance since basically the products of the industrial revolution are all around us, and in our homes.

Imperialism is also a rich topic though… you could easily compare the old-school British Imperialism to modern day occupations, e.g. the US in Iraq. In some respects the two went hand in hand as well - the industrial revolution gave nations the means to be imperialistic… but now I’m straying from the topic!

Go with the Industrial Revolution!

Answer #2

oh. I just wrote something like that last week. I wrote it about the industrial revolution and how it was bad because they allowed child labor and the goods were of less quality because of mass production and that they gave workers poor working conditions and it resulted in many injuries, but if you want to write about the positives, then you could say that mass production was a good thing because it increased trade, gave more people jobs and helped develpe new products faster. I hope that helps

Answer #3

I think the industrial choice is great , because you can tie in the negative affects that are currently surfacing in our world today like like car pollution and things like the chyrnoble incodent in russia. It might also be interesting to mention the bulk of industry leaving the u.s. for china and what kind of environmental changes that caused for them I dont have any hard facts but I hear that there rivers are trashed and polluted from industry.

Answer #4

Industrial revolution … It changed the course of the world…Imperialism was an after effect of industrial revolution

Answer #5

thanks for the info. on the industrial rev. it helped a lot… but can you help me on da new imperialism topik??? its because I need to turn in an important essay in 2maro… Buh da problem is that I don’t know nthn about it???

Can you help me???

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