Imovie to youtube

Hola, I made a video on IMovie, and I’m trying to upload it onto youtube, but I won’t let me. I can upload video clips, but not an actual project with pictures and transitions and all that good stuff. I clip upload video, find the one I want but it is always gray and you can’t select it while the clips are black and all you have to do is select them. It seems odd though so am I just doing something wrong?

Answer #1

sounds like the project wasn’t completed, like you made something but didn’t click the finish or publish button.

Answer #2

Sounds like it. Youtube has a FAQ to make sure when you upload, it’s the right format, so it converts properly to SWF, which is the file format they use after you upload.

Try converting it on your desktop to something youtube says they’ll take (eg, quicktime, mpg, or wmv) and then uploading it.

Answer #3

Thank you : )

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