Im new and need help

I need help making friends.

Answer #1

just be yourself! well.. if “yourself” is sorta shy, then the only thing you need to do is try to be more outgoing! just put urself out there.. it may be nervewracking at the time– but it totally pays off in the long run!

Answer #2

add me, send me a fun mail/mark a comment… and I’ll talk to you… then we can take things from there! =)

Answer #3

Like in general or on this site?

On this site, it’s very simple to make friends (I usually can never find friends online…) Just go to people’s pages and add them… answering lots of questions also helps, send people funmails, post comments on their walls, comment on their pictures (who doesnt love nice comments on their pictures?) it’s really easy to make friends here! oh and you could always join a group, some groups have lots of members…

Answer #4

your the only one that can help yourself.

Answer #5

you can add me :)

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