What's up with my ipod?

ok so I got a new ipod and this is the problem as sonn as I connect it it say ok to disconnect

the other problem is I have the music already downloaded from limewire and on a share folder but when I put music on itunes it is untuchable(the screen is gray and the words are gray too) so what do I do to put the songs from shared folder to my ipod and for it to not disconnect

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I'm sorry but I'm not sure why it's saying 'ok to disconnect' straight away. Try looking at the troubleshoot instructions that came with the iPod. Restart your computer and try plugging your iPod in again.

An easier way of transferring music from limewire to itunes is to highlight all the music in you limewire library and drag (click and hold) it into your itunes library. I have problems trying to put shared folders onto my ipod. It is easier to save the music from limewire into the library then transferring it onto your iPod.

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When it says okay to disconnect, don't disconnect it. Mine does that too. I think it's normal.

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