How to tell how many months along without a doctor?

how can women tell how many monthes they are without going to the doctor???

Answer #1

if your pregnant shouldnt you see a doc instead of calculating yourself cause something could be wrong in there and you wouldnt know it!

Answer #2

if only it were that simple… people usually have sex more than once

There really isn’t a way to tell without going to the doctor, unless you know when you ovulate… even then you’d only be able to tell approximately. (even the doctor can only tell you “approximately” this week or that week)

xox Sika

Answer #3

same answer as the others!

Answer #4

work out the 1st day of your last period. say that was 5 weeks ago, then your 5 wk pregnant.

Answer #5

well you can try a birth calculator online, just google it.

Answer #6

uhmmm. my cousin Just had a baby and she said since your last period is how pregnant you are.

Answer #7

Well, you calculate how long it has been since you had sex!

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