Im an Atheist, but Mom keeps pushing God on me

OKay Sooo my mom is like trying to push God on me…Iam an Atheist, I dont believe in God heaven hell blabla…but my mom…because Im bisexual…keeps tellin me Im going to go to hell & I NEED GOD IN MY LIFE…WHATEVER…but shee keeps bugin me about Its really drivin me crazy I cant stand it…she yells at me ALL THE TIME! “Your going to burn in hell with the devil!!!” I do have my own mind…im not going to a book tell me what I can do & what I can not do… UGH How can I like get her off my back Im going crazy!!! :/

Answer #1

have your mom sit down with you and you explain your beliefs with her she should understand how you feel and why you have these beliefs if she doesnt understand give her some time to get it straight just cus your bisexual doesnt mean anything bisexual are the same as straight gay and lesbians

Answer #2

I feels ya

Answer #3

I believe in God and I am a christian and I would just like to say that she shouldnt be trying to force her beliefs on you..because thats not the right thing to do..we all have free will.

Answer #4

Next time she’s yelling at you tell her ‘We all sin and fall short of the glory of God, and that when she herself is blameless then she can tell you how to live your life. It is supposed to be the gospel of love yet somehow it’s turned to the gospel of judgment…

Try not to be to rude mate, remember she’s doing it because she cares about you, yeah her method is way off but she loves ya.

Answer #5

I’m not an atheist, but I also don’t believe you should literally live your life by an old book.

She probably just tells you that because you’ve gone against what she wanted.

Answer #6

just tell her you have suddenly had a change of heart and tha you do believe in god now, she’ll be happy, as long as you make it sound believable lol!!

Answer #7

Its a common mistake that Christians make - trying to force other people to believe what they believe.

Jesus never did and never would do that. My guess is that your mom is just observing your behavior and freaking out -

I suggest if you want to shut her up - (quickly )- you should tell her that if she has prayed for you then she should be trusting God about it and not harrassing you.

                                                  God gave you a freewill.

This is a very personal decision that no one can make for you.

I would also say something to her about God’s timing - that when she wants things to happen, isn’t necessarily the same as when God wants things to happen.

I’m sure she is concerned and is expressing love the best she is capable of . Parents can treat you in a very unloving way in the name of love.

Thats one reason we all really need God - because people will always fail you, but God will not ever dissappoint you.

I used to be an atheist. - When I gave myself permission to believe in God, he revealed himself to me in a very supernatural way, and I have never been the same.

Now, I know, who I am, where I came from, where I am going, who I belong to why I am here, what its all about, and that I have an awesome future ahead of me.

Being bisexual is not the unpardonable sin, its really a secondary issue to God. The only sin that is unpardonable is rejecting God when he draws you to him.

That only happens when God decides it’s going to happen - your mom can’t control that, and you Can’t become a Christian until then.

It is God’s love that draws people to him - not fear and threats.

Don’t form your final opinion of God and Jesus based on your mom’s behavior. Jesus has been being misrepresented for along time by well-meaning Christians with poor methods.

Read the bible for yourself and then no one can lie to you about what it really says. Trust me they will.

I hope this helps you to deal with your mom - have a great day!

P.S. God doesn’t tell you what to do to harm you but to protect you.

Answer #8

no one can make you but think about this…the bible has profisied a lot of stuff that is happening right now and its not a accident and + your mom is concerned about you and God didnt make adam and steve its an abomination 2 be with a woman if your a woman same thing with men

Answer #9

I do believe in god and im not going to tell you that you are going to hell because only god can judge you and since you dont believe in him im just going to say MOTHER KNOWS BEST…

Answer #10

Well Since im an atheist too I do know partly how you feel but since I have not been in this kind of situation All the advice I can give is try to explain to her that like the way you are and she should just understand of course this may not be the best action to take.

Answer #11

well she is your mom so shes gonna try to tell you what to do. even if you dont want her to. all I can say is try to ignore it. its your beleifs and she cant do anyhting to change that.

Answer #12

Have you ever just tried saying

ok mom, maybe you’re right

you’re not admitting she’s right, you’re just saying that there may be a 1 in a billion chance she is and hey, it will stop her… works wonders… you and I both know she isnt, but who cares, she feels better, she gets off your case, you do whatever you want to do, and everyone’s happy…

Answer #13

you’re going to have to accept that is who your mother is. unfortunately she will probably never accept your beliefs or who you are. I think its great you chose to have your own beliefs and thats f*ing awesome. your mom thinks she’s protecting you, so you’re going to have to live with it for now and hopefully one day she’ll respect your opinions, but don’t hold your breath. and if you really want to get her good tell her you’ll only listen to what she has to say if she first listens to what you have to say with a counselor (psychotherapist), that will probably shut her up somewhat hopefully

Answer #14

Simple. Tell God to get off of you, you’re underage and will call your lawyer.

Answer #15

Sooner or later she’ll come to her senses…Religions gonna die out sooner or later!

Answer #16

you don’t go to hell for being a homosexual. only for not believing in Christ as your savior. if your mom is a Christian she should know not to force religion because its supposed to be your choice not your moms. also to the guy who said only God can judge me is completely wrong. people can judge you as long as its of good reasoning and not hypocritical. dont let your mom get to you I’m a fully devoted christian but I would never force anybody to believe. love is my weapon not force ;p hope that helped yah. if you have anymore q’s comment the page. I’ll answer all of them :P

Answer #17

my father cussed me out when he saw my myspace page and it said that I was an agnostic and he’s in denial and is keep telling me that I’m not he says that he’s a baptist yet he talks about other religions and how if you where following this reigion this would happen to you or that or BLAH BLAH BLAH I like to study a lot of religions I some what believe them but I don’t follow them I pisses me off when my dad pull tat bull on me about how I’m not what I obviously am

Answer #18

I am a Christian, But while I was growing up I believe in Wicca, My parents shoved so many religions down my throat I got sick of it and went off on them. I was also bisexual and they told me I was also going to burn in hell for it. If you do what I did, you’ll just accept that your mother doesn’t accept what you believe or you can tell her to step off and stop trying to shove God down your throat and maybe if it feels right to you, one day you may come to God. [just to get her to shut up about it] But really there isn’t anything you can do, Most parents want the kids to be like them so they can show them off. My parents are like that.

Good luck.

Answer #19

See, im an atheist also, my dad studies theology and he made it his life work. for those who dont know what it is, its the study of god, my mom is a catholic and Im an atheist, although I dont tell my parents because im not stupid and I know sometimes the truth can get you in lots of trouble… all I have to do is wait for my dad to die then I can tell my mom simply because I love my dad and I dont want to hurt his feelings but my mom is well x_x how to put this, weird, crazy, and I hate her for they way she does things

Answer #20

move out then. or go to a university far away and live in a dorm with roomies who are your best friends hopefully.

because thats just the way she is and you have to leave if you dont wanna put up with that.

or show her you can succeed and achieve things just as the way you are, while you have moved out. (she can’t get at you then, but you can choose to show her that you can do it)

good luck ~personal experience

Answer #21

Well, I do believe in God, but I’m not very religious. Now my mom on the other hand, is VERY religious, hence the reason why I have a statue of Mary, 3 angels, and at least 2 Bibles in my room…The best way to deal with it is just to suck it up and not listen to your mom. I know that as soon as I move out, my mom’s getting all her Jesus gear back, and if she doesn’t like it, she can just suck it up, too. >_>

Answer #22

im atheist too and when people try to get at me for that and start tellin me god this god that im just like okay so prove he exists. show me jesus’s text message from god that says IM YOUR DADDY! show me gods piss signature in the snow that says “god was here”. if she cant, then say “exactly. you cant prove it. and if your “god” wanted a man with a woman, why does he say he loves all his children? why would he have put me here if it matters so much?” also, tell her your not the child she wants you to be because shes not being the mother you want HER to be. hope it helps. if you want to talk about it more then Fun mail me. :)

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