How..... im a 16 year old virgin, but i have dildo that i just bought, i tried putting it in yesterday, but im too tight, whats something i can do to get it in?

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Try your finger first start small then go bigger.

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You need to be lubricated before you can put something in. It also helps to be fully aroused because the vag*na loosens up when aroused to allow pen*tration. Use spit, vasaline, or some lube next timeyou try.

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Right, just have some good lube, tryvone finger, even your pinky at first if needed to get warmed up.

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I'm scared to do that..I don't wanna lose my virginity to a toy.

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That wont be considered loosing your virginity, just masterbation.

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i heard if you finger urself it will loosen u up a bit... over time :P have fun LOL

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but can't you break the hymen?

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yes, if you still have one, or were even born with one, you probably know most hymens break early with a lot of the times they go unnoticed, If you've got your hymen stll, you might not want to use a toy then. :o
its up to you! ha

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is that shame to be virgin?

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wat u do is u finger urself first with one then 2 then three u should be able to get it in but if not try spitting on the toy and then put it in...ur gonna have to spread ur legs really wide tho

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dont use ur own finger .ask a guy to finger will loosen a bit n u'll feel better.u can ask girl as well to finger u n gently kissing ur naked body.dis wud make u wet.

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girl just finger ypurself and keep it moving.

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