Im 15 watig a baby

I realy realy need help on this I have probs wit my boyfriend bu we work it out we have talked about haveing a baby and he says if I happens it happens andits ment to be im 100000% sure hell be good dad and ibeen wanting a baby forlike 3 years now I no im young but I dont know wha to to I want a baby

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why do you want a baby first of alll? bc there cute? not a good ansswer its a lot of work im pretty sure you have heard that plenty of times y? bc its true, I am 22 years old I had friends that were your age and had a child and now there about the same age as I am and feel as if they are in there 30's not that thats old and they dont experience things that lets say a reg 21 yr old will do and travel and have a nice body and flaunt it and education and money... think about the future its way more fun when you get older and get to experience things with your friends boyfriend or what not and not to worry about your chld at home and its a lot of money to have a child and bieng on welfare is not so fun at times you dont get the best treatment... you wont regret waiting BUT you can regret moving to fast.. believe me most that have a child of course will say I love my child but if I can do it all over again I should have waited...

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I understand that you want a baby but let me tell you it isn't easy as you think I used to want a baby at your age as well but I'm so gald that I didn't cause I haven'ted growen up yet. I'm a single mum with a three yr old and it'ds hard work belive me don't wast your life on have'ing a baby to young just life your life first.. as for your boyfriend he may not want a baby cause your so young and have a lot of growing up to do first so I would listen to him

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wth. your only 15. believe me no matter how much you want a baby it isnt worth it now. you have a lot of years ahead of you. gcumbr1 is spot on. you dont want to have that kind of responsability now. arent you in school? believe me if you have a kid you can kiss your education good buy, and with out an education your screwed and wont be able to support your kid. believe me, its absolutely worth it to wait. I think its great that you want to have a child, but not now. your way to young. wait til your older out of school and married. then you can enjoy life with your new son or daughter. til then just chill out and time will pass fast. I hope I helped.

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Great idea !!! Lets say you do get pregnant and have a girl. Would you like your daughter to get pregnant at the age of 15 ? That would make you a grandmother at around 30 years old. You have a lot of years ahead of you to learn about life. You should do that before bringing another life into the world. And no matter how sure you are about your boyfriend sticking around to help raise this baby, it probably won't happen.

Its ok to want to have a baby, but save having one for when you are an adult, and have some life experience.

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What should me and boyfirend do as we both want a baby?

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