How can i look 18 to get into this club?

right heres the thing in 15 and im tryign to get into a over 18s night club ... does nay1 have any idears on how to look older..!

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midge you got served haha

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well slutslutslut and lispannah are really stupid!!!Do you really think the bouncers dont know, they deal with silly little girls all the time trying to get in but do you know why you are not allowed in? its because of the dangers! what happens when a guy tries to do things that you dont want to yeah ok you might already be having sex and whatever and you may think you could handle a guy but do you know how easy it is to slip something into a drink do you know how many girls get raped because they think they can pretend to be older its a stupid idea to go out like that say you dont like someone so you tell them no but there are a lot of weirdos out there who dont like rejection they could be anyone its not like the weirdos have neon signs you know say you tell aguy no and you dont see him for the rest of the night it dont mean he wont be outside waiting for you when you are alone or its just you and your little school girl mates you really have no idea of the dangers out there and you have too many years ahead of you to spend your younger acting like adults. also people have no respect fpr girls like you and I am talking about everyone I eman the guys you sleep with only do it because they dont need to try and the girls all hate on you behind your back but when you do get older and you mature all this will drag you back down again and you wil not be able to get the respect you will think you deserve because people always remember but as you get older the people around you will become more outspoken harsh maybe but true.

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Hey just so you know. CLUBS I.D. and why do you want to go to a club. to get gropped on my 26 year old dudes?

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hmmm... a 15 yr old nicknamed "slutslutslut" going to an adult nightclub? -- Nothing good will come of this!

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im trying to get into one tonite, adn im 15. I am going because lots of my friends are going, and the music willbe great. I am very aware of sleezy old men and am pretty sure I can deal with them, especially seeing as I will have friends with me. there is nothing for teenagers to do in the evenings! under 18 nights are crap, so where do they expect us to go??

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I'm 15 and I go into bars and clubs every weekend, and I am well aware of the dangers.. part of being a teenager IS trying to look older and grow up too fast. there really is no need to be so condescending. though, I do agree that this "slutslutslut" should take a few english lessons..

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>>>well im goign there to nigth waking in with a 18 year old soo i will get in

Good for you. My response still stands.

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Yeah. Wait another three years. As hard as this is to believe, people can usually tell if you're fifteen years old no matter how much older you try to look. So spare yourself the humiliation of getting caught.

You know, there's a reason you can't enter a night club until you're eighteen. Why don't you go to the shopping mall instead? It's fun.

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I go into many clubs and there hasn't really been any big hassles although a few times I have been turned away but that's just because I have had to grow up quicker than I can (in mind rather than physical) and am benefiting from being tall at 5ft 11. I don't "try" to look older, it's pathetic.

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Learn how to type and speak grammatically (I'm not trying to be mean), and you'll come off as being older than you are.

As for trying to be older just for the sake of entering a's probably not a good decision.

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>>>Really high heals. do your face up. put on an adult voice dress older .

No, not really. Most girls still look AND sound like kids when they're fifteen - that's how we can tell. It's cute when teenage girls think they can pass as adults by putting on make up and wearing high heels. With that kind of thinking, no wonder they're trying to get into night clubs when they're not supposed to.

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Really high heals. do your face up. put on an adult voice dress older .make sure your friends or who ever look older too and you should be ok.

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this has brought me great entertainment. thankyou.

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who the hell does 'midge' think she is
isn't this website fun advice?
maybe you didn't have fun in your teenage years but you don't need to go around patronizing people who do want to enjoy being a teenager and believe it or not trying to get into clubs underage is a part of it!
now stop being a killjoy with your 'you don't know the dangers' if you're going to get raped, you're going to get raped doesn't make any difference whether your 15 or a few years older! yes the dangers are there, but as long as you are sensible I don't think it makes a difference how old you are

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Well gee, I guess your life is complete now.

I'm so impressed. Not.

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i tell ya what yer i got in the night club soo bugger off mann

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well im goign there to nigth waking in with a 18 year old soo I will get in

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well im goign there to nigth waking in with a 18 year old soo i will get in

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ou keep tryin and eventually they wil let u in lol

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You might somehow be able to pass for 18 as far as your look goes, but your 15 year old attitude will give you away.

You really need to do something more age appropriate - you have no business going to an adult nightclub at your age.

I agree with xiigzag and mamakat.

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