I'm 14 going to a sweet 16

okay so every year the the sophmore class has a sweet 16 for all of the girls in the grade. I was invited, and I really want to go, but im only in the eigth grade. Im new at the school and its really good that I have friends that are older than me, but im still very nervous because the whole HIGHSCOOl is invited! I have friends in the highschool but I guess im just nervous to have to dance and party with them. Got any advice on how to have fun and be calm and cool ? ps. the party is this friday and im a girl!!

Answer #1

Just go! You’ll have fun! But if you really feel uncomfortable, bring a friend! It’ll be fine.


Answer #2

Mmm jsut be yourself, dance, be cool… Try to always knoe where your friends are, but don’t be like exactly behind them as if you were “chasing” them, if you see that they don’t stop moving stay by the bar for a hile, then go with them, but don’t chase them around and stuff like that that would make you look like a girlie that doens’t know what to do. Have a lot of fun!!! =)!!!

Answer #3

at least make sure some poeple you know are going then also dont drink if theres some alchole there dont have any be aware that people can still spike your drink, no matter how young they are so keep an eye on your drink, or carry it with you and be safe, dont take any pills either! and dont accept lifts or things from people you dont know,people wgho are drunk, or when theres toomany people in one car

Answer #4

OMG!!! thanks so much for the advice. I had sooo much fun tonight thanks to you all!

Answer #5

o yeah,. I forgot to add that you have to be nvited to go and none of my other friends were nvited!

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