im 14 and my mom doesnt understand me

ok . I know its really long but pleaseee helpp .

im 14 and I only live with my mom . and a little brother. I go to an academy and they give a lot of work for homeworkk and stuff so my mom doesnt make me do chores . buttt , on saturdays , she wants me to clean and I like to sleep . but I clean most of the time on saturdays . most of my friends have way more freedom than me and could go out and it seems like theyre parents understand them . but my mom doesnt want me going out late anymore adn she used to alll the timee ! now , she doesnt want me going to the movies , no iceskating , nothinggg ! shes so overprotective now and its driving me insaneee . I cant do anything and she acts like if she was never a teenager and never liked to go out with her friends . she wants me to go out early now but none of my friends go out earlyy ! I hate this . I reallly doo . I dont know what too dooo . someone pleaseee helpp . I try to tell her but she thinks im an idiot and I dont know what goes on around me . she thinks people are going to rape me -_- and I tell her that no matter wheere I go , there is danger . shes a total bxtch and I really need help right now . someone answer please . I dont know what to do anymore.

Answer #1

my girlfriends dad was mondo over protective. she just turned 16 this month and im 17. it took him almost a year to let me drive her anywere. trust me. she will change but until then you wil have to endor it

Answer #2

You need to let her know that you want to have a relationship with her. Tell her that if she gives you freedom you will be open and truthful with her. Let her know the more she does it the more its pushing you away. Life is hard being a teenager and you also need to take a look from her side, shes trying to keep you out of trouble and get you ready for the real world because honey the real world sux. So just sit down and talk to her have a heart to heart conversation with her and let her know what you want and need to be a good person yourself.

Answer #3

my moms like that

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