Who knows if it is illegal to bring a pocket knife to school?

A guy who is in to of my class has been making fun of me for my height and yesterday he pulled out a pocket knife during lunch and threatened me with it. He also stalks me …

Answer #1

Schools do not allow weapons what so ever, and they defiantly don’t tolerate people bringing them and threatening other students with them.

You need to take this issue to your principal, and let them take care of it.

The guy could possibly get charged.

Answer #2

thats what everyone in my geography class said when I told my friend. I thought they were just saying that because they hate him, no one really likes him. I wasn’t should if I should listen to them because we are pretty young, and I have never been in a situation like this. Thank you !

Answer #3

Of course it’s illegal. You have to tell your School prinicipal about it.

Answer #4

No problem.

Answer #5

I just don’t want to be the reason someone gets in trouble :$

Answer #6

I just don’t want to be the reason someone gets in trouble :$

Answer #7

if someone’s making trouble of u, and even threats you, u better get the best trouble ever to save urself from those barbaric boys. At the end of the day, u r still responsible for yourself.

Answer #8

“I just don’t want to be the reason someone gets in trouble”…You wouldn’t be getting him in trouble…he got himself in trouble. He brought the weapon to school, and threatened another student all on his own. He deserves any consequences he gets from that.

Answer #9

Yea it’s illegal

Answer #10

I’m not sure if it’s ‘illegal’, but it definitely is against the rules. It’s considered a weapon, and it is a threat to others. You should report it to your principal.

Yeah, he’ll get in trouble. So what, though? He threatened you with something that could seriously harm or kill you. That’s nothing to just let go. He’ll only do it to you again or even more people if you or someone doesn’t report it.

Answer #11

of course?You could get expelled.

Answer #12

Schools in Florda and other schools allow you to bring pocket knifes. There’s a limit on the size of the blade , like it can’t be bigger than the palm of your hand. It’s not just florida , though.

Answer #13

Out here, it’s illegal.. A friend of mine brought a two inch pocket knife (not sure why she did) and she got expelled, went to court and put on probation.

Answer #14

Really? Then why was a student charged with possession of a weapon on school property in Florida?

Answer #15

Apparently it was something other than a knife!!!!!

Answer #16

No…it was a pocket knife. Sorry, I should have included that instead of just saying weapon.

Answer #17

It may illegal bt u can use handy weapons in school like rounder, pen, they r not less dangerous dan knife if u know how to use..!

Answer #18

My kids’ schools wont even allow fake weapons. Like my son was a ninja one Halloween and he was not allowed to bring his fake chinese stars.

Answer #19

A kid was stabbed to death just last year in the school I was interning at. In a matter of minutes he was dead. Tell someone.

Answer #20

my brother got expelled for the yr for bringing a pocket knife.

Answer #21

same thing with my bro:(

Answer #22

maybe their rules are different, I don’t know.

Answer #23

Most likely it is, I don’t imagine why a school would not have a policy about that, but still check. They do this because o arguments that can happen or possible treaths.

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