If you could

Go anywhere in the world, Where would you go? I would go to paris,

Answer #1

probably anywhere to find the guy I <3..I meen I know where he is + lives but I meen if we…well nvm it’s complicated

Answer #2

Venice Italy or London England

Answer #3

Osaka, Japan!! or Harajuku cause all the celebs go there!!! :):):)

Answer #4

CANADA! cause you can drink at 18!!! lol j/k probly italy…

Answer #5

Disneyworld Florida (if I could go with all my family). My sister’s boyfriend often talks about the last time he went there and it sounds fantastic. Plus, I haven’t been on any rides in over a year because I badly broke my ankle. They’d have to have waltzers though. Lol.

Answer #6

GERMANY! definately lol… but first I would stop in penn. because I got friends I really want to see over there haha

Answer #7

Anywhere in Asia

Answer #8


Answer #9

Italy,I thinks it so beautiful there and im italian so ^.^

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