If someone did this?

Well here it goes.. Me and someone --a guy-- went out on a date.. So at the end.. I went to his house.. Which I shouldn't in the first place.. He wanted it but I told him no cause im a virgin and I don't want to break my virginity until I get married.

So what happens is he fingered me and I got scared but I enjoyed it... I thought it would break my virginity or something.at the end. I was scared like crazy.. When I went to the bathroom and I wiped down there I just saw very light blood not drips it like when you get a cut only little blood comes out like that.. But it was light ... Not a lot just a little.. But when I wiped the second time.. Nothing came.. What does that mean im scared..!!!

Please help

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He popped yhr Cherry.
Ussually when a guy pops yhr cherry, blood comes out of it.
wich is pretty much why they call it a cherry.

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Means when you break a tiny piece of skin called a "hymen", its is basically just a type of blockade I guess that is in your vagina. When you say pop the cherry meaning you broke the hymen like you knocked down the blockade. May not be completely accurate but hope this helps.

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Honey, relax...you're still a virgin. All it means is that your hymen probably tore a little. Some girls hymen tears during sports or dancing but they are also still virgins. You lose your virginity when you have sex (penetration from a p*nis), not from a finger.

So, relax and next time you are in that position don't do it.

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people I need help.. I dont want my cherry popped.. :((( what happens when someone break the virginity.. does blood come out a lot like how much

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you bleed when you pop your cherry-
whether it's getting fingered, or having sex.. or anything else (tampon-sports)
some people bleed the first time they have sex, and some dont.
how much depends on the person.

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he probably "popped your cherry"
it's completely normal to bleed when that happens.
no worries :)

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he popped your cherry.

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