Coffee to restain a table?

A friend of mine told me I could use Coffee to re stain my kitchen table, im a poor tech school student, I can barley by ramen noodels LOL, So I cant really afford stain or anything, So I was wanting advice on the coffee thing before I did it and ruined my table lol, If any one knows anything about this please help me!

Answer #1

Apprently adding a little baking soda on a wet dishcloth then rubbing the stain will remove it. However I have never tried so can’t really say whether or not it works. Just don’t make a big deal over it, lifes too short to worry about the state of your table :) If it’s really getting you cover it up with a table cloth or something.

Answer #2

I really don’t know, but if it was me I would just put a table cloth over it or just tell people to suck it because you don’t have the money to fix it. I don’t think many people will really care especially if they know your situation. but…it sounds like it might work.

Answer #3

ok not removing stains re staining the table people!

Answer #4

Lol you used coffee to cover the stains on your table?? what the hell…lol Not very smart are you

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