If any world could exist...

Which one would you pick? Or what magic powers do you want and why?

Answer #1

to heal the sick, blind, deaf and lame ! to free people from addictions and sadness and all sorts of oppression… those are the powers I ask God for.

Answer #2

I would love to have telekinetic powers. id be able to levitate, teleport, read minds, control others minds, body transfer, I can keep going =X but im not

Answer #3

in charmed, paige has the ability to orb and orb items to her…I would love that!..no more, god forgot the remote…up I get…it’d be…(hold hand out) and ‘remote’ and ‘voila’! plus I could travel ANYWHERE in the whole wide world!

Answer #4

WORLD DOMINATION!! – I just thought it would balance out that beauty peagent answer above mine.

Answer #5

be in a world full of only women with power and I have the power to copy others powers just by looking at them

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