If a guy talks marriage, does that mean he's in love?

does it mean he really was in love with you? cause not alot og guys would talk about that, most guys stay away from the subject

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Well that depends on your definition of love, I suppose. Yes, many guys avoid the subject, but I also know plenty who fall head over heels in lust with every other girl they date, move way too fast, talk about things like marriage, etc, and it fails miserably. They may think they're in love at the time, but they're not. Now if the two people have been together quite a while, there's no outside pressure for marriage (like there's not a mom mentioning it every other sentence or the girlfriend isn't begging for a ring), then it can certainly mean he sees potential for the future. Marriage doesn't necessarily equal love, though, and they don't always go hand in hand, so it totally depends on the guy.

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Not necessarily. E.g. he may be a fortune-hunter, too.

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i don't think that just because he talks about marriage he's in love. maybe he's just ready to settle down and try to fall in love. one of my friends talks about getting married with his gf sometimes but he's not in love with her.

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