If a condom gets stuck in your vigina what could happen?

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thanks for helping me

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infection>anything that goes in MUST come back out!! And thats a tough one to get out when its not "attached" anymore!!

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Try to use the pill when you can and if you can trust your man to be free of disease. Condoms are like trying to play the piano with gloves on.

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My husband and I were purchasing lifestyle condoms. They were busting just about every time. So we switched to the Trojan Ecstasy Magnum large condoms, well the last couple of times they have also busted. My worry is, my husband found a piece of the condom in me a couple days later with the lifestyle condoms. Now with the Trojan, when my husband went to remove the condom it was half missing it shredded when he tried to take it off, and we felt inside me to see if there were any pieces, and couldn’t feel anything, We were having sex later and he saw something and stopped had me lay back and there was a big piece of the condom (from the tip of the condom about an inch and half down) inside me, my worry is not getting pregnant. Not that we are wanting another child but more concerned at this point of an infection, I wonder how long would a piece of a condom have to stay inside you, before it could cause an infection, incase we haven’t gotten it all out, not to be personnel but we are very sexually active, and with these condoms busting I’m worried that we could miss a piece inside me, And cause SERIOUS INFECTION AND A CHILD!!! Then baby and I could end up in danger!!!

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if it does - no big worry. Just insert your finger, hook it and bring it out. If your finger isn't long enough, get him to do it. It happens a lot. If your man has already got to the point of ejaculation, the chances are that the condom is still on. If it fell of and he didn't realize it, you will need to first remove the condom and then go to a planned parenthood clinc or such for the Plan B or "mornign after" pill.

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You very well could recieve an infection or you may become pregnant so if that happens try and pull it out with your fingers and just in case go to planned parent hood and get the morning after pill.

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Awww poor baby I'm sorry that happen to u :( hopefully everyhing goes ok<3

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Also, if it is not lubed with spermicide.. the cum inside could get out and well...get you pregnant. So yeah, when he pulls out, make sure he holds the condom on himself, especially asuming he will be 'limp' making the condom more likely to fall off.

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"I don't know I was having sex with my ex-boyfriend and after the second time we couldnt find it I though it was inside me and I was right cause I went to check myself I got it out myself and it was up there for about 2 weeks; now I'm scared because I could be infected I have an appointment with my doctor a week from now and I'm scared I just hope that I'm alright."

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The longer you keep it there the greater the chance you can catch an infection or become pregnant so I think its best you see if you can get it out yourself or have your partner do it if not go to the clinic asap don't let it stay there until its reaady to come out

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