I don't know whatt to do!!

I found out im 4 weeks pregnant =[ and me and my boyfriend broke up and I told him I was and he said he doesnt care,and if I tell my parents they will kill me what should I do?? plleasee hellpp I cant stop cryinng =[

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Tell your parents as soon as you can because no matter what happens they're going to find out anyway right? You're only 14... that makes me so sad :/

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How old is your ex boyfriend? You need to tell your parents and get support from them. This is something that will show and you won't be able to hide it. If you show maturity on an adult situation, then they will see that and help you in any way they can. It's what our parents are for. Even if they seem upset at first, remember it is a shocking thing to find out, but they will cool down if they get upset and be at your aid.

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ok calm down, first off if he says he doesnt care he wasnt right for you anyways.so f *** him, know what I mean.
and your parents wont kill you, trust me, yeah theyll be mad at first but your their daughter theyll love you no matter what theyll get over it and stick through it with you, this babys a blessing dont think of it as anything else, things happen for a reason. remember that

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Hey girl, did you tell your parents yet?

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if you dont think your ready for the responcabilities yet
I totaly object to this but maybe you should think about getting rid of it? =/
and your ex is a total A**!

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I know its hard, but you NEED to sit your parents down very calmly and...tell them. its the best thing to do.

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