I don't know watz goion on...?

Ok so I had ma period bt it wasnt like it usually is…it only lasted 3 dayz an then 2 dayz later I started bleeding again bt it was really light an it only lasted for that day…im also still having all the signs an symptoms of pregnancy bt I don’t know…I talked to some friends an told them what I was going through an they think I caould be pregnant also…I don’t have the money to go to the doctor right now an I havent had time to go to the store an buy a test…any advice on this!?!?!?

Answer #1

well I have problems too, sort of. you see I started in june, 08’. and it didnt come in july. then it came august, and it was light the whole time, for 10 days! crazy, I know! and my friend got hers and it didnt come back for 3 months! so it will b a while till our periods are regulated.

Answer #2

yes a lot lol but you may b have you done any thing latley with a guy but all so if youv been working out or doing any thing that would make you lose carbs then if you have it makes you bleed less so there 4 you might not be PREG but if so you must go to the dock

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