Ideas for fun stuff

Fun stuff to do with a best friend?

Answer #1

-Shopping! -Cinema -Hang out -Ice skating -Gossip! -Wii / Platstation / Xbox -makeovers! -randomly call a friend at like 4am! (if your havin a sleepover) -Prank calls -knock and run -Make up dances -Singstar :)

Answer #2

try sumthn new like- learninghow to sk8brd go shopping c a movie prank call your frends at nite makeovers at mac lol ding dong ditch! just the classic crazy fun stuf

Answer #3

-prank call -skating ring -moo-vees -hang out -go some where fun

  • rent movies -go to the mall -get nails done
  • talkk about personal stuff
  • ask each other questions. (((fun maill mee)))
Answer #4

well if you are trying to make your own fun (as apposed to going to a movie or something) go ice blocking. we do it all the time for group dates in my town. you get a block of ice from a gas station or a grocery store where they sell ice. you take it to a decent sledding hill. put a towel on it to sit on and slide on down the hill. sounds stupid but its fun :)

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